I started Sun King on a flight from LAX to JFK in the summer of 2013. I hadn't rented a car for that trip, a questionable choice that led to hours of walking around Hollywood - uphill at every direction - in the desert sun - listening to Sonic Temple on loop. My mind unspooled in the heat and I resented never getting a motorcycle license. I thought about the Sunset Strip and wondered who first designed the hooker dresses that Heather Locklear and the hair metal girls used to wear. That West Coast visit was about warming up after a sad winter, all beach sand and hotel pools, lush bougainvillea, canyon hikes, leather jackets and moody brooding about matters of the heart. When I returned to New York I got obsessed with Anthony Mandler's video for LDR's "Ride," embarrassing perhaps, but mesmerizing in its truly beautiful cross-processing effects. I pulled out old photos of Halston disco draping. I called Justin and said, "let's do a painting that looks like a Polaroid of a beach bonfire at night." The story of this collection ultimately came from "Sun King," The Cult's Doors-style homage to a suntanned, free-spirited woman who would (in my version) end up with a broken heart, but never be caught in LA without a motorcycle.







The Cult, Sun King
Van Halen, Black and Blue
Motley Crue, Kickstart My Heart
Taylor Swift, I Knew You Were Trouble
Warrant, Cherry Pie
David Bowie, Love Is Lost (J. Murphy remix)
Alice In Chains, Sea of Sorrow
AC/DC, Hard as Rock
Sky Ferreira, Lost In My Bedroom
U2, Vertigo (Trent Reznor remix)
Atoms for Peace, Default




The numinous placement print at the center of this collection was hand-painted by our friend and collaborator, American artist Justin Pauly. Inspired by our Polaroid of a smoky Santa Monica beach bonfire, Justin created this texture in mixed media. He first prepared the print on a canvas wide enough to cover all pieces in the line. After painting in black and white, Justin colorized the work using a combination of digital and natural processes. He sent photographs of the painting to us in New York. We then placed and hand-cut the pattern pieces in an organically flowing arrangement. 




Sun King Project Team:

Justin Pauly/print
Ella Pearson/muse
Kat Cooper Brown/muse
Camille Davis/jewelry design
Natalie Kucken/photographer
Caroline Baribeau/hair & makeup