Launched in 2011, the Abigail Stewart collection lives in the realm of imagination. The studio draws inspiration from stories and dream realities: the garments are set and setting, objets d'art. Silhouettes are built around poetry, fairy tales, glam metal tracks, Rococo paintings, backstage Polaroids from the Sunset Strip.

With a focus on hand-crafted textiles, painted prints, fine art, workmanship, and conceptual development, the brand defines luxury in contemporary terms.

Contact us: studio@abigailstewart.com





Recent collections have featured work by artists Molly Soda, Abby Lichtman, Justin Pauly, Annie Kyle, Camille Davis, Natalie Kucken, and Ben Jacks. Handwoven accessories and textile work by Beyond the Fringes of Boston, Masachusetts. 

Recent work can be seen on television and the red carpet, and in publications from WWD to The Cut, to Elle, Le Monde, Bullett and Vogue Italia. The brand is based in downtown New York City.


Wholesale: sales@abigailstewart.com